Workplace Syndicates

Workplace Syndicates

We'll take the leg work out of organising your workplace lottery syndicate.

Our workplace syndicate service gives you the opportunity to provide your team with a workplace lottery syndicate without the hassle that comes with it.

You know... Collecting payments, organising numbers, filling out slips, buying tickets, checking results & collecting winnings. And that's before you have to deal with missed payments and members joining and leaving.

Well, the good news is that we can take care of all this for you. In fact, all you need to do is direct colleagues to your syndicate page on our website, and we literally take care of everything else. Come rain or shine.

How it works

Pick Your Draws

Decide your draws. LOTTO, Euromillions or a combination of both depending on how much you think people want to spend. The choice is yours.

Syndicate Set Up

We'll get everything set up at our end. We'll create your syndicate on our platform, assign our professional manager, and tailor our syndicate agreement.

Spread the Word

Encourage your colleagues to join the club by sending details in an email, posting on your notice board or maybe even include details in information for new starters.

Chill Out

Sit back & relax knowing we're busy doing all the hard work collecting money, buying tickets and distributing winnings... come rain or shine!

Why use us?

There are many reasons why you might choose us to handle your workplace lottery syndicate. Here are just a few to get you started.

  • You may not have a workplace syndicate at present but want one and need somebody to sort it out.
  • You may be a business owner and think a lottery syndicate is a good way of encouraging community spirit and team bonding in your business.
  • You may not have anyone internally willing to take on the hassle of organising your workplace lottery syndicate.
  • Colleagues may be in different locations or work off-site making money collection a challenge.
  • You may want past employees to be able to maintain a syndicate membership even after leaving. The more the merrier!
  • You may already be a syndicate manager, but you've simply had enough of organising things and could do without the headaches that sometimes come with the job.

This list is not exhaustive. If you're not sure send us a message with some contact details and we'll get back in touch to have a chat.

Why Have A Syndicate?

Playing the lottery as part of syndicate increases your chances of winning... simple!

Workplace Q&A

There are no fixed costs for us to organise your workplace lottery syndicate.

However, as with all our syndicates, we include a small admin fee in the weekly subs payable (usually 50p a draw). We've got staff to pay and lights to keep on. You'd be amazed how much time and effort is spent filling in slips, buying tickets, checking numbers and collecting / distributing winnings. Our syndicate manager also receives a small percentage (usually 5%) of any winnings.

It's a bit like food delivery. Of course, you can go and pick up a takeaway yourself, but you can also pay the likes of Just Eat and Deliveroo to do it for you. It costs you a little more, but the convenience is so much greater.

Yes, of course.

In fact including friendly customers and suppliers can have a knock on effect of making them feel included in your business, and in turn more favourable to your needs. 

Your syndicate will work in exactly the same way as all our other LottoClubz syndicates. Joining the syndicate involves a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Create a FREE account on the LottoClubz website.
Step 2 - Search for your syndicate using our search tool. (Or follow the link we'll provide).
Step 3 - Click the 'Join Syndicate' button.
Step 4 - Check and agree the syndicate agreement.
Step 5 - Add your numbers.
Step 6 - Set up a standing order / regular payment to fund your account and pay your subs.

That's it, once done we take care of everything else.

Check out our general Q&A section for more information.

As part of setting up your syndicate we will work with you to decide on which draws the syndicate enters from the UK LOTTO and Euro Millions options. Obviously, the more draws the higher the weekly subs, but the more chances of winning.

For each workplace syndicate club we allocate a partner to the club. This is usually the person who contacts us to organise the club in the first place.

Once we have decided on the draws, and other syndicate details, it is up to this person to communicate the syndicate to their colleagues and make sure new colleagues know there is a syndicate available.

How this is done is entirely up to this person.

Apart from that, there is nothing else to be done, we handle everything else.

There is no minimum number of members your syndicate needs to have. In essence, any more than one is officially a syndicate. There are many syndicates of only a few people playing the lottery.

If you have any other questions, you can ask us here.

Social Responsibility

We can also give you the option to collect a small percentage of anything won to pass on to the charity of your choice. A great way to bolster your social responsibility activity.

How To Get Started

Getting started is simple. Firstly, drop us a message using the contact us button below. Make sure to include your contact details. One of our team will be in touch to say hello, confirm your details, check you’re eligible and explain the next steps.


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