Help promote a syndicate and share a slice of the winnings

Our partners range from everyday people with a close-knit group of friends, all the way though to corporate fundraisers looking raise funds for their cause. Not to mention social media admins and influencers with a dedicated group of followers.

Our partnership programme is for anyone who has an audience, enthusiasm, communication skills and a desire to benefit from taking a more active role in a lottery syndicate club.

How it works

Partner Up

You're assigned the sole partner to an existing club, or we create a new club to fit your audience.

Spread the Word

Encourage your audience to join the club so they can benefit from being part of a lottery syndicate.

Chill Out

Sit back & relax knowing we're busy doing all the hard work buying tickets and distributing winnings.

Enjoy The Rewards

Watch your account grow with a percentage (%) share of any club winnings, ongoing... for life!

Who can be a partner

As indicated earlier, our partners come from all walks of life. Apart from being over 18 and located in the UK, the only real condition we set is that a partner must be motivated to make a club work and actively encourage members to join.

We've put this list together that outlines the types of people we accept as partners. It should help you decide if becoming one of our club partners is for you.

  • An association, club, team, group, or society that would love the chance to raise some extra funds.
  • Individuals or businesses who like the idea of a workplace syndicate, but don't want the headache of running one.
  • Anyone with a group of friends that wants their own private syndicate.
  • A Facebook group administrator with reach to a UK audience.
  • Neighbourhood groups with members that may like to be part of a syndicate.
  • Website owners that would relish the chance to make some extra income.
  • Social media influencers with UK followers aged over 18.

This list is not exhaustive. To find out if you'd qualify to become a partner contact us and we'll let you know.

You're Not Alone

Our team of Partnership Managers will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the most out of being a LottoClubz partner.

Partner Q&A

No, there is no charge, or anything you need to pay to be one of our partners.

Each partnership is a little different, depending on your audience and needs. In essence, your role as a syndicate partner, is to spread the word about the syndicate and promote the syndicate to potential members.

Yes, of course you can. As a member of your own syndicate, you would also benefit from a larger share of any prizes won.

In general, partners receive 5% of any cash winnings made by the syndicate.

All commissions are automatically credited to your LottoClubz account. You can request a withdrawal at any time by using the tools on your LottoClubz personal homepage.

Yes, you can. You can be a partner of multiple syndicates. You can discuss this with your allocated partnership manager.

Yes, you can view member counts and syndicate performance in your LottoClubz Personal Homepage which is available online 24hrs a day 365 days a year.

How To Become A Partner

Getting started is simple. Firstly, drop us a message using the contact us button below. Make sure to include your contact details. One of our Partnership Managers will be in touch to say hello, confirm your details, check you’re eligible and explain the next steps.


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