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Getting Started & Managing Your Account

Most people can join one of our syndicates as long as they meet these simple requirements.

  1. You must be located in the UK.
  2. You must be over 18.
  3. You have a working email address.
  4. You have the facility to set up a standing order / regular payment from your bank account.

Getting started is simple, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign Up for a FREE account here.
  2. Find your perfect lottery syndicate using our search tool here.
  3. Join a club after checking the syndicate agreement.
  4. Pick your numbers (if the syndicate requires it).
  5. Set up a standing order / regular transfer to pay your syndicate membership fees.

And that's it. Sit back, relax, we do all the hard work.

If you have not received your activation email then follow these steps.

  1. Ensure you have waited a while for the email to come through to your inbox. (Usually within 30 minutes of registration.)
  2. Click Here to request a resend of your activation email.
  3. If you still have not received it after requesting a re-send, please contact our support team for help.

Once you have created an account (FOR FREE), you will have access to something we call your Personal Homepage.

This is a section of the site that is only accessible by you. When you're logged in, you will see a link at the top of every page giving you direct access.

On your Personal Homepage you can:

  • Manage your syndicate memberships.
  • View their performance with winning lines and prize values.
  • Review & manage you watchlists.
  • Monitor your account balance & all recent transactions.
  • Fund your account and request a withdrawal.
  • Update your personal details.

Your Personal Homepage is available 24/7 365 days a year and can be accessed from any internet enabled device including tablets, mobile phones and computers. 

Syndicates & Membership

Each syndicate has a limit on how many members can join. This limit is shown on the syndicate profile page and defined in the syndicate agreement.

We do this to ensure that there is a good mix between increased opportunities to win and the members share of any prizes.

The number of active members for each draw could be less than the club limit for the following reasons:

  • The syndicate is new and members are still joining.
  • Members have not paid their membership fees and are excluded from a draw.
  • Members have left and there place has not yet been filled.

Remember the more members there are, then the more chances you have to win. However, the less members there are, the bigger share of any prize you receive.

Each syndicate is different. The lotteries played for each syndicate are listed on a syndicate profile page as well as the syndicate agreement.

Each syndicate is owned and operated by a syndicate manager. They are bound by our MEMBER PROTECTION CHARTER.

A syndicate manager is specified in the syndicate agreement and they are in charge of organising the entries into draws, collecting and distributing winnings and everything else to do with the syndicate.

Syndicate managers are officially recognised by lottery operators such as Camelot.

The syndicate managers profile for all syndicates listed on this website can be found here.

Each syndicate is operated using an official, legally binding syndicate agreement.

This agreement defines everything to do with the syndicate, how it operates and most importantly how any prizes are distributed.

Without this agreement there is limited protection for syndicates members. Each syndicate has its own agreement between the syndicate manager and the syndicate members.

It is also worth remembering that lottery winnings are tax free and without a syndicate agreement in place, individual members may not be able to take advantage of these tax exemptions.

Each syndicate has a membership fee. This fee is outlined on the club profile page as well as the club syndicate agreement.

This fee is made up of two parts.

  1. The money used to buy the draw tickets. E.g. 2 for each LOTTO entry.
  2. An admin charge that covers the cost of filling out lottery slips, taking them to a lottery retailer and the technology tools that keep everything running smoothly.

While you'd think in this modern day and age, computers do all the work, this is not the case here. Every syndicate entry is filled out on a paper lottery slip and a ticket is purchased from a lottery retailer.

That's not a question we can answer directly. It all depends how successful the syndicate is in matching their number lines to lottery draw results.

What we can say is that playing lotteries as part of a syndicate increases that chance of winning. We've put together a little table below to show what we mean for a 20m Jackpot UK Lotto draw.

Syndicate Members Probability of Winning (circa) Payout Per member
1 1 : 45,000,000 20M
10 1 : 4,500,000 2M
50 1 : 900,000 400,000

Yes, you can join as many syndicates as you want. You just need to make sure your standing order / regular transfer is enugh to cover your membership fees.

You can leave a syndicate club at any time. Once you have joined a syndicate there is NO fixed period or minimum entries you have to make before you can leave.

Dropping out of a syndicate is easy. It's just a simple link from your personal homepage.

You can always re-join a syndicate in the future if there are spaces available.

Yes you can. We can set up a syndicate club just for you and your work colleagues. You can then pass the word around and we'll handle the rest:

  • Collecting fees
  • Tracking peoples number selections
  • Filling in lottery slips
  • Purchasing tickets
  • Checking numbers
  • Collecting prizes
  • Distributing winnings

Please note, your club will operate in the same way as all clubs on this site. It would be owned and operated by our trusted Syndicate Manager and be subject to our syndicate agreement (including fees).

Get in touch here if you'd like to do this.

Winnings, Funding & Withdrawals

To fund your account you will need to set up a regular transfer / standing order with your bank that pays your fees to your syndicate managers account. These fees are tracked in your LottoClubz account, and used to pay for each draw your syndicate enters.

Once you have created a FREE account, you will be issued with your own personal transfer reference number. You must include this in any transfers. It is how we identify where a payment has come from. This is really... really important!

We operate in this way for the following reasons:

  1. You are in complete control of what and when you pay.
  2. You can stop your payments at any time without having to rely on us to do this for you.
  3. Just like a workplace or friendship group syndicate, you are responsible for paying your own subs.
  4. Direct debits and card payments cost money somewhere along the line and these charges would only be passed on to members. In most cases standing orders and regular transfers are free for personal accounts.

Don't forget, all your syndicate winnings are also credited to your LottoClubz account, and these can be used to pay your membership fees.

All transactions are recorded in your LottoClubz account accessible from your personal homepage on this website.

You can see your current balance and recent transactions at any time 24/7.

Winnings are EQUALLY shared by all active members of a syndicate for each draw (after fees).

(Fees for each syndicate are outlined in the clubs syndicate agreement which you can check before joining a club.)

In most instances, when you're entitled to a share of any lottery winnings, your share is credited to your LottoClubz account.

You can then request a withdrawal at any time (from your personal homepage) to your nominated bank account.

If a syndicate wins a large prize, the syndicate manager may choose pay out to active members directly.

Please note: for security, cost and anti money laundering reasons:

  • We will only transfer withdrawals to a UK bank account.
  • There is a minimum withdrawal value of 10.
  • Withdrawal requests can take up to 2 working days to process.

Each syndicate draw entry is debited from your LottoClubz account approximately 72 hours before a draw takes place. This time is needed for us to complete lottery slips and buy the tickets from a retailer.

If you don't have enough funds in your account at this time, you will not be classed as active in that syndicate draw entry. And in turn you will not be entitled to any share of any prizes.

This is non-negotiable and cannot be changed once our technology has created the records needed to manage that draw entry.

Each syndicate also has a limit to the number of consecutive draw entries that can be missed before your membership of that syndicate is terminated.

These rules and limits are specified in a clubs syndicate agreement.

It can take up to 2 working days for us to credit your account with any transfers you make.

If after this time, you still cannot see it in your account, please contact our support team here.

Safety, Security & Trust

The short answer to that questions is trust.

We understand that joining a syndicate where you don't personally know the syndicate manager is a risk, but rest assured, everyone connected to LottoClubz is a genuine trustworthy person. In addition, we have also created our MEMBER PROTECTION CHARTER to help reassure you that everything is above board.

And remember, (not that you'll need it), but you also have a rock solid legally binding syndicate agreement and a record of your entry payments. This would be plenty for you to engage the authorities if you thought your syndicate manager was doing a runner.

We're all a little forgetful sometimes, so if you've forgotten your password simply click here to request a reset.

We are a technology support & development company called Brookhouse Digital UK Limited (registered in the UK No 13665684).

We build software, publish websites & platforms as well as provide administration & support services to help others when needed.

We have developed the platform that is running this website and provide services (pairs of hands) to a trusted Syndicate Manager so that they can organise & manage thousands of lottery syndicates.

Data protection & security is important to us. We have a privacy policy in place that explains what data we store and how we use it.

Remember, don't share your password with anyone else. Keep it secret to protect your account.

For those of you reading this that are interested, all passwords and sensitive data such as bank details are stored using AES 256 encryption. (That is serious stuff, and a technology that has never been cracked).

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