Member Protection Charter

Lottery syndicates are well known and very much recognised by lottery operators such as Camelot in the UK. To operate as a syndicate, you need to have a syndicate manager. They are the ones that are actually placing the entries on lottery draws, and more importantly collecting and distributing any money won.

In the more traditional syndicate environment, syndicate managers are workplace colleagues or personal friends, either way they are known and trusted (to a certain degree) by their fellow syndicate members. However, when it comes to publicly accessible syndicates, this is not always the case.

If the syndicate were owned by a business, there is very little transparency and members have limited options if they refuse to pay out or shut their doors with all their customers money.

That's why we structure things so an actual person is the syndicate manager. This is exactly the same way a workplace or social club syndicate is operated which ensures every member feels as comfortable as they can when joining a lottery syndicate (where they don't personally know the manager).

Our Commitments

A human, an individual and a UK resident

A syndicate manager must be a human, not a faceless business. They must be a UK resident and legally able to participate in UK lotteries. We will carry out identity checks and maintain these records should the authorities require the information.

Truly Transparent Identity

We expect a syndicate manager to be transparent with their syndicate members on their identity and who they are. It is important that all their members understand exactly who is running the syndicate.

Personal Bank Account

All transactions must be made through a managers personal UK bank account. This is to ensure transactions are transparent, members can prove they have sent money to an individual and in conjunction with the syndicate agreement they be traced by the relevant authorities if something goes wrong.

Syndicate Agreement

All syndicates are operated with a legally binding Syndicate Agreement. This agreement ensures official syndicate status with the lottery operators and covers members in terms of zero tax liabilities on their winnings.

Your syndicate manager is Philip Price.

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