Our clubs & How They Work

Just like a workplace syndicate, all our clubs are operated by a Syndicate Manager and are governed by legally binding Syndicate Agreements.
The syndicate manager oversees the club and is in charge of everything from placing the lottery entries to distributing the winnings.
You can get to know them before you join a club, and for extra peace of mind, all members are protected by our MEMBER PROTECTION CHARTER

Our syndicate clubs operate in one of two ways

Pick Your Own

From children's birthdays to perfect anniversaries. These clubs run just like many other syndicates where every member picks their own line of numbers.

Special Numbers

Our team of expert researchers have already picked number lines based on the subject matter, purpose, objectives and a clubs passion and philosophy.

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Why Join A Syndicate

You have probably heard the expression strength in numbers. Well, that's exactly why lottery syndicates exist and why it's estimated more than half of lottery entries are placed by syndicates.

In some ways it's just simple maths…


Here is a little chart we’ve put together to show you the difference between playing the UK LOTTO with a £20m Jackpot on your own VS playing in a syndicate.

Chances of Winningx10x25x50
Ticket Cost
(if bought yourself)
Syndicate Cost£2.50£2.50£2.50
Jackpot Share£2M£800K£400K

In this scenario, you have to ask yourself, is it worth £2.50 to have 50 chances of winning £400k?

Paper Slips & Tickets

Did you know that we fill out paper slips, take them to a lottery retailer and buy actual physical tickets? And that’s for every line in every draw of every syndicate we help organise.

How we make our living

At the end of the day, we must be doing this for a reason. We must be making some money somewhere along the line. We've got staff to pay and lights to keep on. You'd be amazed how much time and effort is spent filling in slips, buying tickets, checking numbers and collecting / distributing winnings. Not to mention the cost of developing the technology that keeps things running smoothly.

So... yes we are. To cover these costs we are paid a fee by the syndicate manager. You may have noticed in the example above; the syndicate membership fee is £2.50 when the draw ticket is £2. This is because a member makes a small contribution above and beyond the ticket cost that is passed on by the syndicate manager to cover our costs.

In addition to that, the Syndicate Manager and anyone they have helping to promote a syndicate takes a minor share of the winnings as their fee. They only benefit if the club wins!

It's a bit like food delivery. Of course, you can go and pick up a takeaway yourself, but you can also pay the likes of Just Eat and Deliveroo to do it for you. It costs you a little more, but the convenience is so much greater.

These fees can be different for each club, so they are clearly outlined in the clubs syndicate agreement.




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